New Quick Ship Option

An even faster way to meet your van-specific upfit needs!

Why wait when you could have it now?

When you place a qualifying* order before 1:00pm PST, we will ship your order to you the next day!

*Quick Ship applies to orders which consist only of items marked as Quick Ship in our product catalogues. Non-stocked items may require additional time to produce.
Outside factors such as supply chain delays may impact your order. If this occurs, Westcan Manufacturing will notify you of a delayed ship date.

What Does "Quick Ship" mean?

Westcan's Quick Ship method is a new way to get what you need, when you need it.
We now offer a wide selection of items which are always kept in stock at our warehouses. That means that these items are readily available to pick and ship as soon as an order is placed! Please note that there is a 1:00PM PST cutoff time for this option and any late orders will take an additional business day to ship. This option is only available for select Steel and Aluminum van products.

How can I tell which items qualify for Quick Ship?

Our 2021 edition steel and aluminum van catalogues are now complete with a new Quick Ship column on every table. Any items that qualify for Quick Ship order status have a checkmark in their row, and are additionally highlighted in red for your convenience.

Can I have items not marked as Quick Ship on my order?

Yes, but this may result in your order being split out into multiple shipments which may incur additional freight charges. It is preferred that you place your Quick Ship orders separate from any other standard item orders you may have.


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