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SpaceKap Trade Packages

Trade Packages provide a selection of carefully crafted up-fits designed for trade specific uses on SpaceKap mobile service bodies.   Trade packages can save a lot of planning time because we've done the measurement and layout work for you!  If you do not feel comfortable putting together a custom package, this is the way to go.  Don't forget, you can always add additional accessories onto your Westcan equipment at any time.


If you work with wires, these trade packages are for you!  Electricians, cable technicians, home automation and linesman.

Work Stations

This package is meant for where working inside your SpaceKap is the most critical to it's operation.  Long workbenches and bin shelving.  Computer technicians, assembly, wire splicing or part servicing.


Do you service others and need a mobile workbench?  Mechanics, Technicians and Repair business can benefit from these Trade Packages!

Contractor Deluxe

This package is the "Cadillac" of upfit trade packages and serves the most experienced and outfitted journeymen.


HVAC requires gas such as Freon.   Safely carry your gas with these HVAC trade packages of all levels!