LED Cab Guards

Do you require additional lighting in your truck bed? LED cab guards provide all the same great features as our classic cab guards, with some additional functionality! These cab guards are fitted with high visibility, low amp draw LED lights. All wiring is hidden in the framework and easily wires into standard truck harnesses for convenient installation and polished look. All Westcan cab guards are crafted using premium anodized military grade aluminum and are top load rated for up to 400lbs of evenly distributed cargo.

Standard LED Truck Cab Guard
Standard LED Truck Cab Guard
Standard Configuration

The standard configuration is our most popular style of LED cab guard. It provides optimal cab protection while hauling larger cargo in your box, and still allows access to the rear window! This is great if you’re carrying something that needs to pass through the rear window.

Full Bar LED Truck Cab Guard
Full Bar Configuration

The full bar configuration is the next step up in protection when compared to Westcan’s standard LED cab guard configuration. This style is ideal for those who need to haul larger cargo in their truck box and may be concerned about damaging the rear window’s glass. The additional bars across the cab guard’s midsection create a barrier that spans the entirety of the rear window, which adds a degree of security by preventing access to the rear window from the exterior.

Full Mesh LED Truck Cab Guard
Full Mesh Configuration

The full mesh configuration provides the most protection of all our cab guard styles! This is because there is a sheet of perforated military grade aluminum that spans the frame of the cab guard. This style is very popular with landscapers, as the mesh panel provides additional protection from smaller objects that could damage or break the rear window, such as roots and branches.