Freon, Cylinder & Spool Storage

Westcan offers a wide array of products for storing your larger work-related cargo. From freon tanks to oxy-acetylene tanks and even your wire and hose spools, we’ve got a storage solution for you! Units include wall mounted, in shelf and standalone options in a variety of sizes.

Aluminum Spool Storage Variations
Aluminum Spool Storage Variations
Spool Storage

Westcan’s spool storage is designed for most products that are on a spool roll. These units are precision cut and crafted from marine grade sheet aluminum. These spool storage units are great for storing and rolling off cargo such as electrical wire, hoses, small cable and rope. These units come in four place for high roof vans, and four place for low roof vans.

Aluminum Cylinder Storage Variations
Cylinder Storage

Westcan cylinder storage units mount to any flat surface, such as a partition or shelving end panel! These can be mounted one above another for more reliable securing of taller cargo and are not limited to storing just oxy-acetylene tanks! The bottomless cylinder storage units can also secure other tall, narrow items, such as tripods, pipes, and more! These cylinder storage units are equipped with a 1” x 48” tieback strap for security and ease of use.

Aluminum Freon Cylinder Storage Unit
Side Mount Freon Tank Storage

Westcan’s side mount freon storage is designed to carry 30lbs freon tanks. They are manufactured in three place for low roof vans and five place for high roof vans. Each place on these freon tank storage units comes with a 48” tie back strap for quick and easy securing of tanks!

In-Shelf Aluminum Freon Tank Storage Unit
In Shelf Freon Tank Storage

Westcan’s in shelf freon storage is designed to carry 30lbs to 50lbs freon tanks! These mount to shelving end panels, or can be mounted out a shelving unit to any wall surface provided that you have flooring or another flat surface for the tank bottoms to rest upon. These are manufactured in a 36” three place, 48” four place, and 60” five place configurations. Each tank place is 12” wide.