Shelving Accessories

Add on to your bin or divider shelving with Westcan’s shelving accessories! Accessory functionality ranges from allowing for compartmentalized storage, to securing entire shelf decks behind keyed locking doors.

Aluminum Locking Door Front with Black Powdercoated Hinges and Locking Latches
Aluminum Locking Door Front with Black Powdercoated Hinges and Locking Latches
Locking Door Fronts

Locking door fronts may span the entire length of a shelf deck or can be paired with a mid shelf barrier to create a smaller contained area while leaving the remainder of the shelf deck space open for quick access storage. Locking door fronts install onto the lip of the shelf and come with a removable lanyard to allow the door front to fold open into a handy shelf or swing open completely. Each locking door front is equipped with black powder coated hinges and keyed locking finger latches for security and a polished finish.

Aluminum Shelf Backs and Barriers
Shelf Backs & Mid-Shelf Barriers

Do you need a full height divider between shelves? Are you trying to create a secure, fully contained storage area for valuable cargo? Mid shelf barriers and shelf backs can help solve both problems! Pair a shelf back with a locking door front for optimal shelf security or use on its own to protect your van body from being damaged from cargo shifting on the shelf.

Aluminum Shelf Retainer Lip and Installation Bolts
Retainer Lips

Retainer lips are a popular method of getting additional storage space out of your shelving unit without breaking the bank! Simply secure the ends to the predrilled holes at the base of your shelving end panels, and you’ve created another floor level shelf to reliably store items without having to worry about them making their way into your walking space! The retainer lip is 4” high and locking door fronts are compatible with these.

Aluminum Shelving Divider Pack
Divider Packages

Westcan’s divider shelving comes with some dividers for use. However, if you require the ability to divide your shelving space into even more compartments, Westcan sells divider packages for every shelf depth! These dividers come in packages of 10 and are an economical solution to compartmentalization of a variety of items.

Red Plastic Bins for Bin Shelving
Red Plastic Bin Packages

Westcan’s red plastic bin packages go great with our bin shelving! These bins can be stacked neatly together when not in use or laid out side by side across a shelf and used to store small items such as nuts, bolts and screws! Each bin has a front lip suitable for placement of labels to help you keep your hardware and small cargo organized and accessible. Bin packages come in a variety of lengths and widths intended to fit in bin shelving, but they will also fit in divider shelving.