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Are you trying to move lumber, boats, cargo or equipment safely in the back of your pickup truck without risking damage to your vehicle? Westcan truck racks have a no-drill* modular design. They allow for many different configurations to provide the best solution for managing cargo in your truck bed. We always start by protecting the cab with one of our various styles of cab guard, all uniquely designed to provide the perfect amount of protection and coverage for your unique cargo management needs. From there, you can add more body protection and cargo tie down locations with Westcan rail caps. Finally, to maximize cargo loads by offering a method to suspend loads and leave your truck bed free, you may choose to add on a rear rack. The rear rack is level with your cab guard and mounts to the rear of your rail caps. When not in use, it is able to be stowed against the cab guard using the provided lock. Every component of this truck rack system comes complete with rust-free stainless-steel hardware for a smooth finish, which looks great as well as being functional. Now you have a truck rack that not only looks great and works for you but is also fantastic for recreational use on your day off!

*No-drill installs on most makes and models

Standard Truck Cab Guard

Cab Guards

Westcan’s aluminum cab guards are constructed using premium anodized extruded aluminum and feature install kits for both standard and cross over box configurations that require no drilling to install on most trucks. The fully welded construction of these cab guards ensures you’ll get years of reliable service from this product!

Comes in a variety of styles to best suit your coverage needs

Top load rating of 400lbs evenly distributed cargo

Allows for securing of long cargo that may exceed the box length without damaging the cab

Frees up box space when paired with select accessories by providing vertical tool storage

Additionally, Westcan has a line of accessories created specifically to be mounted to your cab guard for use. Start your cargo management journey with us here!

Standard LED Truck Cab Guard

LED Cab Guards

Do you require additional lighting in your truck bed? LED cab guards provide all the same great features as our classic cab guards, with some additional functionality! These cab guards are fitted with high visibility, low amp draw LED lights. All wiring is hidden in the framework and easily wires into standard truck harnesses for convenient installation and polished look. All Westcan cab guards are crafted using premium anodized military grade aluminum and are top load rated for up to 400lbs of evenly distributed cargo.

Fitted with red rear brake, turn and marker lights, and white reverse lights

Top load rating of 400lbs evenly distributed cargo

Duplicated set of high mounted lights improves safety and visibility to others around you

This style of cab guard is very popular for oil patch and mining, because the tail lights are duplicated higher behind the cab for added visibility.”

Truck Rail Caps

Rail Caps

The next piece of the puzzle is Westcan’s rail caps, which provide many additional tie down points while also protecting the edges of your truck box from dings and scratches! In addition to being extremely functional, these rail caps are contoured to the profile for each available make and model of truck box to give a great fit and finish! All Westcan rail caps have a smooth, sleek finish and are crafted using both marine grade and military grade aluminum.

Allows cargo to be propped up against the rails without scratching or denting the box edges

Rails crafted from welded, anodized military grade aluminum

Truck Rear Rack and Installation Brackets

Rear Racks

Do you need a quick and convenient way to carry cargo that’s longer than your truck box? Look no further! Westcan’s innovative rear racks can be mounted at the end of your rail caps to create a frame that allows you to secure gear such as lumber, scaffolding, ladders and other long cargo across the tops of the rear rack and cab guard. This leaves your truck bed free for hauling even more gear!

When not in use, the rear rack can be easily detached (no tools necessary!) and secured flush against the cab guard with the lock that it comes with. The rear rack’s profile matches that of the cab guard, so when they are secured together it results in a barely there finish. As with all other major components of Westcan’s truck rack system, the rear rack is manufactured using a sturdy anodized military grade aluminum.

Comes with a keyed locking pin and clip to attach the rear rack to your cab guard when not in use

Carry longer loads level above your truck box and extended over the truck cab

Top load rating of 250lbs of evenly distributed cargo

Assorted Truck Accessories

Truck Accessories

Westcan’s truck accessories give you convenient methods to safely organize your construction, recreational or home handyman accessories

Traffic cone holders provide a place to stack cones on your vehicle’s exterior

Shovel and rake holders free up space by providing a secure spot to store common garden tools

Beacon mounts create additional spots to mount lighting on any cab guard style

Receiver steps fit into any 2” hitch receiver and make getting in and out of your truck box safer

Over Canopy Racks & Accessories

For work or play, you can count on Westcan’s over canopy racks! It is adjustable and has a maximum top load rating of 600lbs and is crafted from premium military grade aluminum to create a sturdy frame for carrying long cargo or even kayaks, canoes and small aluminum boats. It can be installed over cab high or high rise canopies, or even without a canopy on most models of truck! The frame has four adjustable tie down locations and there are accessories available to extend the utility of the rack itself.

If you require a smaller span to support cargo on, we offer over canopy rack cross supports. Mount any number you wish across the width of your over canopy rack! These can even be used to create a platform for your above ground tent. If you’re needing a longer rack, we also offer over canopy rack extensions. These add an additional 24” to either end of your over canopy rack, either over your cab or off the rear end of your truck! You may even choose to add one to either end, for an additional 4’ of support! Westcan’s over canopy racks and accessories are manufactured from premium military grade aluminum and are polished to a clean, sleek finish.

Telescoping bars means you can find the perfect fit for any truck with an install kit available

Add OCR Cross Bars to create a tent platform or support for carrying shorter items!