Aluminum Van Products
Westcan’s aluminum van products are manufactured to the highest levels of quality. The marine grade aluminum used is lightweight and we build our products to the tightest of tolerances. This greatly benefits the contractors that use our aluminum van products. Our shelving is constructed using a combination of Westcan’s custom high grade structural aluminum extrusions, premium Baltic birch that is coated with an impermeable high grade phenolic resin for long life of the shelf. We use only the best smooth aluminum for the end panels. This combination makes Westcan’s shelving units one of the strongest competitors in today’s aluminum upfitting market. Westcan offers an increased level of security with our accessories such as locking door fronts and drawer units that come with powder coated keyed locking latches. With Westcan products, you will not only stay organized, but you will also increase the resale value of your van!
Aluminum Van Safety Partition Variations
Aluminum Van Safety Partition Variations

Partitions are the first line of defense against cargo accidentally moving into the cab area. Westcan has many partition styles and configurations to choose from. The configurations are fixed, swing door and sliding door. If you require quick and easy access to the cargo area from the driver’s area, a doored option might be best for you! Both doored options have a keyed locking latch for additional security. On top of these configurations, you may choose between different finishes for your partition. These include solid, which offers no visibility into the cargo area, perforated and windowed, which offers the most visibility into the cargo area via a polycarbonate window. These partitions are lightweight and are precision cut and manufactured from premium military grade aluminum for a professional fit and finish.

Divider Shelving

Westcan’s divider shelving is the most popular shelving option to organize your cargo safely! The shelves themselves are manufactured using Westcan’s custom 4” military grade aluminum extrusion, as well as a CARB II compliant ½” solid Baltic birch for the decks themselves. The Baltic birch is phenolic coated and anti-slip textured on the top side to prevent items from sliding on the shelf decks when the vehicle is in motion. Rated at 55lbs per linear foot, this shelving type is ready and able to adapt to most cargo hauling requirements! Additionally, there are holes punched into the end panels every ½“ so that you can position your shelves at your preferred height with precision! A retainer lip can be added to create an additional ground level shelf.

Dividers are sold separately. The shelves are available in lengths from 24” – 96” long in 12” increments. They can also be cut to a custom length by the installer! Shelves come in depths of 10”, 12”, 14” and 18”! This wide range of length and depth combinations means that no matter your application, we are confident that we have shelving that will fit your specific needs!

Aluminum Fold-Up Shelving
Fold Up Shelving

Westcan’s fold-up shelving is designed with delivery couriers in mind! The shelves fold down to carry parcels and fold-up when not in use to make room for larger items or skids. The shelves themselves are constructed using Westcan’s custom 4” military grade aluminum extrusion and ½“ solid Baltic birch with a phenolic coated and anti-slip textured top side. The shelves are supported by gas shocks with rubber anti-rattle bump stops, to hold shelves firmly in the up or down positions. Each shelf is rated at 55lbs per linear foot.

Maple Butcher Block Topped Work Bench
Work Benches

Work benches are available in many heights and lengths. Our aluminum tops are manufactured using sheet aluminum, with a core insert of 1½” thick fir plywood. We also offer a butcher block work top made of 1 ¾” thick maple with a sleek gloss finish. Both work top styles come with a 4” high sheet aluminum backsplash. The end panels specifically designed for use in work benches come in a variety of sizes and are pre-punched with holes every ½“to install 12” shelves and even select drawer units for extra storage. All aluminum used in the construction of both work tops and end panels is marine grade and precision cut for a professional finish.

Aluminum Locking Single and Multi Drawer Units
Drawer Units

Westcan offers a wide variety of drawer units to suit your storage needs! Whether you require in-shelf or standalone storage, we’ve got an option for you. All drawer units are manufactured using marine grade aluminum and are fitted with ball bearing drawer slides for consistently smooth drawer usage.

Aluminum Garment Locker with Powder Coated Hinges and Lock Latch
Garment Lockers

Westcan’s garment lockers are built using marine grade aluminum and, like all our other secure storage options, comes equipped with black powder coated keyed locking finger latches and sturdy cast aluminum hinges. The interior of the unit is fitted with four hooks for hanging garments. There is even an exterior top shelf that provides a bit of extra storage for shoes or other smaller items!

Aluminum Cabinets with Black Powder Coated Hinges and Locking Latches

Westcan cabinets are crafted using marine grade sheet aluminum and are fitted with black powder coated keyed locking finger latches. Additionally, the hinges are powder coated black for a sleek and uniform finish. These cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and require no assembly to install!

Aluminum Data File Box with Keys
Data File Box

Westcan’s data file box conveniently mounts between the driver and passenger’s seat! It is equipped with adjustable legs to allow for mounting even on uneven surfaces. The data file box has a flip open top lid for easy access, and the lid is finished with a keyed locking finger latch for added security. This unit is available in two different sizes that can also hold files!

Aluminum Literature Storage Options
Literature Storage

Westcan’s literature storage options are machined and manufactured using marine grade aluminum and stainless-steel hardware. They are manufactured in many sizes, including wall mounted units and even a bookshelf unit! These are great for paper, binders and clip boards.

Assorted Aluminum Spool and Cylinder Storage Options
Freon, Cylinder & Spool Storage

Westcan offers a wide array of products for storing your larger work-related cargo. From freon tanks to oxy-acetylene tanks and even your wire and hose spools, we’ve got a storage solution for you! Units include wall mounted, in shelf and standalone options in a variety of sizes.

Parts Totes and Aluminum Holder
Parts Totes & Holders

Westcan’s tote holders come in five different configurations including one, three, five and eight place configurations. One place tote holder may be mounted in shelving units! These provide a great way to organize your totes while still having them be easily accessible. These totes are compartmented to secure and organize small parts, making it convenient to carry an assortment of items to your work area.

Assorted Aluminum Shelving Accessories
Shelving Accessories

Add on to your bin or divider shelving with Westcan’s shelving accessories! Accessory functionality ranges from allowing for compartmentalized storage, to securing entire shelf decks behind keyed locking doors .

Assorted Aluminum Van Accessories
Van Accessories

Westcan produces a variety of accessories intended for use in a variety of areas within (and outside of) the van. This includes receiver steps, traffic cone holders, hooks, hangers, and holders for other items such as spray cans, medical kits and hard hats!